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Life Coaching

I am a Life Coach for Fitness Professionals. There are too many coaches burnout, me being one of them. I have burnt out 3 times in this industry and came back each time because I am passionate about it. Because of this I help overwhelmed fitness professionals stay with their passion by decreasing overwhelm, overcoming self-limiting beliefs, and increasing their connection with themselves.

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The Empowered Entrepreneur Program

Timi(My Business Partner) and Peter

The Empowered Entrepreneur Program is about taking your business to the next level. Burn out is huge in this industry with an 80-90% turnover rate. That number is incredibly high and should not be happening. We entered this industry to help people and then end up getting too tired that the passion dwindles. The certifications don’t teach us a way to scale or even grow our business, especially, without burning out. They certainly don’t teach us how to have a work/life balance. Timi is an ex CEO that focuses on helping take your coaching practice to your next level and increasing your income. I focus on helping your mindset and preventing you from burning out as you develop your business. There is no other program as holistic as this when it comes to scaling your coaching practice.

About Me

Hey! I’m Peter Previously a Personal Trainer, I became a full-time Life Coach for Fitness Professionals and Entrepreneur in 2021. I wanted to use my skills as a Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor, and my BA in Psychology to overwhelmed coaches. When I’m not spending time with my family, I love reading about mindfulness, fantasy, sci-fi, health and Psychology. When I’m not coaching I occasionally like taking a mini adventure hikes, reading, and spending time with family. Read more

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Prevent Burn Out NowTry these 3 Tips Now

Burn Out is not a fun feeling and saps our energy and vitality levels quickly. If you have more than 2 checked off in the above checklist you most likely are burnt out. Download the 3 Tips to Prevent Burnout Sheet (Click the Button Below).  If you want a more in depth approach to ensure your success and you are a healer/coach/entrepreneur, feel free to take some time fill out this survey to set up your complimentary discovery call to see if my group coaching program is the right fit for you.