3 Steps to Prevent Burn Out as a Coach

By Peter Joseph


Burn out is very prevalent in typical western society. In the following post I will share 3 ways to prevent Burn out, especially for coaches/healers.

Burn Out Symptoms

The 1st step to prevent burnout is knowing what it is and the symptoms of it. Burn Out, described by WebMD, is a form of exhaustion from constant states of stress, usually from overwhelm of work. Burn Out is usually found at the workplace. As coaches, we are working in many different areas. I work from home, some work in gyms, and others work in an office. It depends what kind of coach you are and your preferences. Nonetheless, Burn Out is common and ends a lot of coaches’ careers. I have seen this over my 5 years in gyms as a Personal Trainer and over the past few years online from my life coach friends.

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Burn out does not happen out of no where. The times I encountered burn out were from things adding up over weeks or months depending on how much I had on my plate at the time. The general cause of burn out is having too much on your plate, not liking what you are doing, or there are other pressures being put on you (maybe financial strain).

These are the following symptoms of burn out:

  • Constantly feeling negative towards your job
  • low energy/fatigue
  • feeling helpless
  • using food, alcohol, sex, drugs to cope
  • Procrastinating

Burnout vs Stress

There are many similar symptoms to stress as there is to burn out since burn out is from constant stress. The main one that differentiates is it being associated with work like the procrastination, negative outlook with work, and feeling helpless that your coaching work won’t pay off.

Trust me, it sucks to be there. I constantly was working as a life coach online part time and full time as a Fitness Coordinator at an in person location. Let’s just say I jumped into online full time because that is what my passion is and I started having a more positive outlook on my situtation.

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If you would like to look more into burn out check out Help Guide, they go more into detail and have great information.

Know your Symptoms

The 2nd step incorporates some mindfulness. Basically, we know the symptoms and now we have to see how those symptoms arise in ourselves. My symptoms prevented as drinking more Kratom (basically every night), my shoulder ached, and I stopped doing the things I loved (working out and meditating). It could be different for you but the go to signs for me is the negative out look, excessive tiredness, the kratom drinking every night, and the aching of my right shoulder.

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To help with this, it is best to have a weekly check in with yourself. This check in helps you see if you show any symptoms of burn out (maybe have a check list on standby, send me a message and I will send you the one that works for me).

Work/Life Burnout Audit

The third step is to rest and do a work/life audit; it builds off of step two. Basically, check to see how many hours a week you are working, how much of it you enjoy of those tasks, and see how you can do less of what you don’t like and more of what you do like. For me, the marketing is not my favorite and eventually, when I have the resources I will hire out people to do this for me. I really enjoy educating and coaching, so I incorporate more tasks like that. I make sure reading books is part of my job because it inspires this content and it is what I like to do. If you are a self-employed coach, your job description is up to you. I make sure to not work over 40 hours a week and honestly, as long as 20 hours are working hours, then I’m happy with it because I got a lot done. Learn how to create your schedule as a coach.


Working hard does not mean you get what you needed done. Work smart, and more importantly, try to make sure you enjoy the tasks you are doing. Maybe even look at it from a different perspective. When I am marketing I went from “I really don’t like doing this” to “I am doing this so more people are aware of my services leading to more people helped”. It made a huge difference. It also has helped my clients get their marketing done too.

If you are having a hard time growing your business, check out my business partner’s page, Timi Orosz. We partnered together to make a program for you to grow your business sustainably without the burn out. Send me a message if you are interested in leveling up your business and preventing burn out so you can do it long term.


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