Creating Your Routine as a Coach

Creating your routine as a Coach or Fitness Professional is hard due to our inconsistent work schedules. We have a schedule during season and another off season. There are schedules for each day as they are different. Lets take a deeper look.

The Fundamentals

In reality, your schedule doesn’t have to be the same each day. It is much easier if it is, but we are shooting for doable with where you are at right now. I know how stressful being a coach/fitness professional is during season and off season. We take what we can get. Start off by doing the following:

1) What is consistent in your week and day?

Breaking down the consistencies help. Even if there is an hour difference. The main consistencies to establish is your morning, lunch, and night.

When you establish when you will wake up, eat, and sleep that gets the bare necessities in. After all, we have a primitive side of our brain meaning we need food and shelter before anything else.

When you have your wake up time set, plan on when you will have you first nutritional intake. Will it be quick like a smoothie that could be made the morning of or night before? Or do you like taking your time in the morning to eat? The same can be seen for lunch. When will you have your lunch break that is at least 30 minutes so you can eat and replenish your mental sanity. Then, pick a time in which you will eat dinner and sleep.

2) When will you take Clients/Classes?

I prefer not to take clients or classes right in the morning because I like taking my time and not setting an alarm clock. Sometimes, to help out I take the occasional morning class but make sure I leave myself time to make my smoothie and get ready. When you schedule clients it depends on what you notice in your body. Check out the how to listen to your body blog.

If you start to notice at certain times you need breaks establish those 15 minute breaks and one 30 minute break for lunch. My general rule of thumb is to have a 15 minute break ever 60 minutes and if not 120 minutes. My lunch break is set around the time I get hungry and it does not budge for clients. They can’t have the best version of us if we are tired and hungry. We won’t be fully there for them. So make sure you prioritize your self care and needs first, and in turn you will be a better coach. That means get those 6-9 hours of sleep (you can test out what works best for you), getting enough food and water, and getting those mental health breaks to slow down so you aren’t in your sympathetic nervous system all the time (leads to fatigue and drained energy for extended amounts of time).

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3) Time Consistency

To the best of your ability keep your sleep and waking routine consistent for your hormones to be in sync. That way you can choose your eating times and sleep/wake times and keep them there. Schedule your clients around them. I wouldn’t budge on your schedule more than 60 minutes. It’s okay if you do, the most important thing is to be kind to yourself, because if you aren’t it creates more stress.

If you have a pre-established schedule and that technique doesn’t work for you, create times that provide space for you to get your self care in with mental health, nutrition (food & water), and sleep.

The other self care activities can funnel in like movement, meditation, or whatever you like to do that makes you and your body feel good. Make sure you at least have 2 days (48 hours) off. This way you can rest and recoup and get out of that stressed state of running around for work consistently. You can even use some of this time to stack some habits and self care rituals. Check out this article on 3 ways to meal prep on the go


In reality, you are a busy professional getting what you can get done doing something you love. When you lose focus and focus on money, your mindset shifts into a more doing state. If you focus too much on helping others (I mean hey, that’s why we are coaches), then we can lose track of taking care of ourselves. If you are trying to scale your coaching practice without burning out, check out the Empowered Entrepreneur Program that my Business Partner and I created.

Do what works best for you. Prioritize yourself by creating routines that work for you is going to help you give the best value to yourself and clients. This leading to better rapport, engagement, referrals, and networking. What have been your biggest challenges as a coach/fitness professional?

Peter is a Life Coach for Fitness Professionals and Coaches. He has been Personal Training, Teaching Yoga, and Coaching for a Combination of 5 years now. He has seen many coaches burnout and wanted to change that. Check more about Peter here.

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