Using Reiki to Increase Your Energy

Using reiki to increase your energy levels is helpful in keeping your vitality high. Reiki is done by a reiki practitioner near you or online. The practitioner performs the best results at the 2nd and 3rd degree level. They are attuned to that source energy that balances your physical, emotional, and spiritual body’s. In person Reiki, in my opinion, is stronger than distance Reiki, Check out your local Reiki Practitioners with just a google search. They can be in yoga studios, chiropractic offices, and other healing modalities.

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What is Reiki?

Reiki means universal life energy. This is our Vitality. The energy that keeps us alive and healing.

Reiki is a smart energy siphoned from the source (source energy, God’s light, healing light) through the practitioner, into the client. Each Reiki level increases the Practioner’s channeling strength.

Reiki brings balance to the body’s energy, body, and emotions. It helps you come into your parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest), increases the balance your chakras, and it can also help heal your physical body. Reiki is often referred to as a type of energy medicine.

It helps when you can tune into your body and what it is feeling. The more you do this, the more you connect with your intuition. Click here to check out more tips on listening to your body.

The Energetic Benefits of Reiki

The symbols in Reiki have electrical signals that help increase the energy of reiki. When getting practiced on ,clients have mentioned getting warm, numb or tingling sensations, and feeling very relaxed. Although, you may not feel these it doesn’t mean Reiki isn’t working. It’s a smart energy that may be working on more complex inner blockages (mental, emotional, and physical).

The following are some benefits you can get from Reiki Treatments:

  • Induces relaxation
  • can be used in conjuction with medical treatment for other diseases
  • decreases stress
  • Supports homeostasis in the body
  • assists the natural healing processes of the body
  • develops emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical well-being

Ask you can see. Reiki assists in the natural healing processes in the body, balancing chakras, and impacting our well-being.

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How Reiki Can help Your Coaching Business

Reiki increases your overall well-being. Your Well- Being is the only thing allowing you to work on your practice because you are the main service. Your the Coach or one of may coaches in your practice. When your energy is not balanced, then your clients can feel it. Your energy changes the value of your service.

Reiki is a form of self care that increases your overall well-being, decreases stress, and promotes balance within you. It helps you get over self-limiting-beliefs when it balances the body.

Personally, I treat myself to Reiki every night. You can also by getting your level 1 Reiki certification.


Reiki is a great way to rebalance whatever is going on in your body. Every person, place, thing has energy. That includes plants and animals. I find nature to be a great way to rebalance our electromagnetic fields. Reiki helps influence our thoughts, physical sensations, and any energy blockages we have. It assists in the healing of our natural healing processes ,and is a form of energy medicine,

Peter is a Life Coach for Fitness Professionals and Coaches. He has been Personal Training, Teaching Yoga, and Coaching for a Combination of 5 years now. He has seen many coaches burnout and wanted to change that. Check more about Peter here.

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