5 Ways to Increase Your Income

As coaches we like to help as many people as possible. This is hard to do because we only have so much time. Creating valuable content is a way to help more people and you can increase your income from it too. In this article, I’ll go over 5 ways to produce more income. There are other ways and feel free to do more research to help you find what works best for you.

1) Create Subscription Platform

This is great for those of you who are Fitness Instructors, Personal Trainers, Health Coaches, Meditation Professionals, and/or Yoga Instructors. Mainly, you can have a monthly rate for videos you post each month. The service industry benefits a lot from this.

Personally, I use Vimeo OTT, but there are many other platforms you can use. I have mine set up as a package instead of a subscription so I can help beginners with guided meditations.

If you don’t feel like posting regularly I suggest getting a package of a certain amount of videos and use it as an add-on to your services so they have a reference on what is helpful for them.

If you like the subscription route, try to post regularly so they have a something to expect. Do what feels best for you but giving more value would be more towards twice a week. I did this for meditation because the videos can range from 3 to 30 minutes. If you do this with exercises it is easy to have an exercise gallery or a workout gallery of videos ranging from 15 to 75 minutes depending on what kind of class you are teaching. I see kettle bell workouts for 20 minutes and some yoga classes for 75 minutes. It’s really up to you. Eventually, you can hire others to post for you and you can pay them a one time fee.

Most platforms have a monthly rate you pay and Vimeo OTT goes by Upload Hour Packages so be mindful of what you want to do. Do your research and see what resonates best for you.

If you have a Course Platform you may be able to have a subscription option on there as well.

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2) Create a Digital Product/ Course

If a Subscription Program is too much for you, You can easily create a Package or Course instead. What I did was shifted from subscription to a package and added on to my services. Another way you can do it, is create a video course which is great for informational based content or expanding into exclusive offers outside of your subscription service.

There are Host platforms like Kajabi, Teachable, and Thinkific that are an all in one website and course platform with varying packages on what you would like to do. There are also WordPress Plug-ins if you already have a website or blog. The Host Platforms very in price but I am testing out Thinkific’s free program right now. It is taking me a bit longer due to my projects, but I find it easy to use so far.

A course can consist of anything you want that can provide value. All videos isn’t a problem, readable sections, quizzes, and combinations on what you think is best. Research what you think would be the best option for you.

3) Post YouTube Videos

Income doesn’t come write away from this method. posting YouTube Videos and making money takes time. The ads are what provide you the income. My mistake was not being clear on what I can handle and what I would like to post consistently so play around with what works for you. It takes anywhere from 6 months to 2 years depending on your following to build your channel up.

A cool way to use YouTube is to post your videos that you would put in a Subscription Platform and once you have a following, transfer over to a subscription platform and charge a fee. That way they don’t face ads and you have a following that pays you directly (minus fees or commissions).

It is all about what you prefer. YouTube is great for Advertising and can help you increase your income even more. You can outsource editing to others when you get to that portion in your career so you can focus on making the content.

4) Start a Blog

A Blog is a wonderful option to increase your income for those who like to write. It increases your SEO and allows you to provide value. You can sell your services but it does take time to get out of the Sandbox and getting a sales funnel going. You can turn on Ads and make money from that after you have a following. Then you can get to a point where you can have other people write blog posts on topics you’d like on your website.

You can start your blog for free and see where it goes. I use WordPress but there are many others out there.

If you aren’t about writing you can start a Podcast using Anchor and it posts on Spotify. That’s another way to utilize your gifts.

5) Create a Group Coaching Program

If you are a coach then one-on-ones may be what you are use to. If you are a course builder then this is a way to have a more interactive program. Group Coaching allows you to have more value for your time and create more affordable options for clients that can’t afford your one-on-one services. It’s one of the easier ways to increase your income and your client load.

You can have an interactive course with information and a group meeting or just a group meeting course. It is up to you on how you would like to create it. Zoom is an easy way to host multiple people at a time with minimal fees.


There are many ways to produce other streams of income as a coach. It is up to you and your preference. I like giving value so in addition to my 1-on-1 life coaching services, I have a Group Coaching Program, and a Meditation Digital Product to help Clients get started with the basics. I use various sources to promote my products but keep in mine you may need to run ads to get more offers for some of your offers in the beginning or do manual outreach. You may have to spend some money in order to make money. It takes time and money up front but it is worth it in the end. They are investments, make sure it is an investment you want to make.

You can also hold in person events but that is a different story on producing more leads. The programs I mentioned above are what I researched personally. I do not have any affiliate links or benefit from mentioning them. Personally, I use a lot of these or have tried them out.

If you are looking for a way to Scale your Coaching Business without Burning out, check out the Empowered Entrepreneur Program. My Business Partner and I created it. She is a Marketing Mentor and I am a Life Coach for Coaches. I found a coach to help me accelerate my progress and learned what I wanted to see in a Group coaching Program. It helped me increase my income and I am working on spreading my impact to help even more people.

Peter is a Life Coach for Fitness Professionals and Coaches. He has been Personal Training, Teaching Yoga, and Coaching for a Combination of 5 years now. He has seen many coaches burnout and wanted to change that. Check more about Peter here.

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