3 Ideas to incorporate Self Care

There are multiple ways to take care of yourself. The following are just a few that I love to do and have found great results with. Remember, make self care your own as you go about your journey and what works for your schedule. This article goes over 3 ideas to incorporate Self Care in your routine.

1) Take a Bath

Hot Bath

I love taking a hot bath with some Epsom salts for my muscles or essential oils. Usually a combo of both. The heat allows the muscles to release tension and ,in turn, the mind to relax.

I like to play relaxing music without words in it or even go in silence and focus on my breath. The breath is one of the easiest ways to get back into a relaxed state.

I know some people like using bath bombs or adding colors to their bath. Do what you got to do to enjoy your self care.

Cold Bath

I should probably do this more since I run hot as it is. This helps you boost your energy and you can do it for a shorter amount of time.

Your body starts to have a slower heart rate after awhile because it trains the vagus nerve and impacts the central nervous system. Not only that, these baths help you decrease inflammatory responses so it id also good for those sore muscles.

In the end, it is based off your preference. I don’t recommend taking a cold bath more than 3 times a week or for more than 20 minutes. The hot bath can be done daily if needed, but I like to think of it as something to look forward to after a work week. Make your schedule based of your preference and how your mind and body feels with it.

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2) Go Out in Nature


I love this technique because you can do this in your back yard. Most people do it in sand because that’s where we go barefoot, but earthing is putting your barefeet in the earth. There are some precations to take but i find I feel alot better after doing this.

The theory behind this, is that it helps balance your electromagnetic field with the earth’s. Helping you ground and balance. Some effects are accelerated wound healing, calming the nervous system, and a bit of a positive outlook (for me at least, it is like a mind reset).

Nature Bathing

This is basically being immersed in natures senses. Noticing the smell, views, sensations, and anything else. You are fully in the moment with yourself and the environment around you. Maybe your local beach, park, or nature center is perfect for this.

Look at nature

Even looking at nature can help calm your mind . You can have a picture of it, some plants in your house, or even some crystals which have different energetic effects.

3) Quiet Time

We all need some alone time to process what is going on. You can do this through yoga, meditation, or asking those around you to give you 5 minutes and for them to work as a team with you so you can have this time.

If that is not an option, you can try to schedule it in 5 minutes in the morning or evening. That’s all it takes. I use to wake up 30 minutes earlier so I had quiet time and no one bothered me. It’s all up to you and what your needs are.


In the end, choose what self care techniques that feel good for you. Everyone is different and their schedule’s are too. Remember, 3 minutes is a great start for self care and you can build on to it. Check out this article on practicing self care with little time.

Peter is a Life Coach for Fitness Professionals and Coaches. He has been Personal Training, Teaching Yoga, and Coaching for a Combination of 5 years now. He has seen many coaches burnout and wanted to change that. Check more about Peter here.

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