Peter Joseph

Peter Joseph

Hello everyone! My name is Peter Joseph. I created my business because I consistently had low energy through my High School and some of my college years from burn out. Then as I entered into Full- Time work as a Fitness Coordinator I burnt myself out even more as I was building my online. This happened because I wasn’t prioritizing my needs. I kept prioritizing life over me, without realizing that life comes through me. It was time to make my leap in 2021 to Full-Time Vitality coaching so I can use all of my experience and knowledge to help as many people as possible.

My Journey

I started my journey into mindfulness when I wrestled about 8 years ago. Then I started using visualization techniques for tournament anxiety. I was hooked! I read as many books as I can but still fell into fear and anxiety traps. As the years went on I got better noticing when I fell into these traps.

I have been Personal Training the Past 5 years and I have burnt myself out multiple times. I was working 12-14 hours days and working 6 days a week.

The thing was, I wasn’t the only Fitness Professional doing this to myself. There is a huge turn over in the Fitness and Coaching Industries because of the burn out these professionals go through.

I decided to put my education and experience together to coach other Fitness Professionals and Coaches so they do their passion for the long term. We came into this profession to help people but we also have to help ourselves. When we lose sight of this, we end up coming out of a work-life balance and face lower energy levels due to burn out.


I became a Personal Trainer through NASM about 5 years ago and I have been doing it ever since. There was still something missing, so eventually, I earned my 500 hr yoga certification and multiple meditation and other yoga specialty certifications. I even earned a Reiki Master Certification and my undergraduate in Psychology with emphasis in mindfulness. The physical is only one aspect of Vitality. My goal with this website and coaching is to help prevent you from going into burnout and increase your connection with yourself so you can keep making a difference for your clients.

A Partnership was Formed

I noticed so many coaches in my business course enter burn out and it was a pain to see. I also didn’t get as much value for the price of the program. I wanted to create an affordable program to help other coaches scale their coaching practice without burning out. Then my business partner Timi and I met. We created the Empowered Entrepreneur Program to help coaches scale their business without the Burnout. In my blog and coaching, I teach mindfulness, self care, mindset, and various vitality techniques.


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