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The Empowered Entrepreneur Group Coaching Program (Link to my business Partner’s Website) is about taking your business to the next level. Burn out is huge in this industry. I have seen it many times in the yoga studios and gyms I have been in. There is a reason why there are so many coaches graduating with their personal training, yoga, and life coach certifications. The certifications don’t teach us a way to make money without burning out. Timi and I paired together to help You Scale Your Coaching Practice.

Here is where we come in

Timi Orosz and I teamed up together to help you grow your business sustainably. I am a Vitality and Mindfulness coach (Life coach) and she is a marketing coach. I have already learned more from her than I have in the other business programs I took. She is an ex CEO turned entrepreneur. She has so much knowledge in helping you scale together.

Her background paired with mine ( Peter Joseph) creates a recipe for success. I focus on preventing you to burn out as I have seen in so many business programs and in our line of work in general. As coaches we are in charge of juggling so many tasks that burn out is inevitable at some point in time. It’s a lot! You can do it, and you can grow your business without working 65+ hours a week like I did. Putting 12 hour days in 6 days a week is rough and I personally don’t want to see anyone go through that again.

About Us

Timi Orosz and Peter Joseph

Timi is a a Business mentor and I am a Mindfulness and Vitality Coach. This means we both have different styles and you get to experience both styles. Every other call you will get Timi’s powerful packed knowledge to mindfully scale your business and in the other calls we will be diving more into mindset, application, and sustainably building your business for the long term. This is a marathon, not a sprint.

It’s about time you say NO to working on your business until you burn yourself out.

As a coach, healer or mentor you’re making a positive impact on your clients’ lives. While also working on your own growth mindset. 

You shouldn’t feel overwhelmed or stressed while trying to change more lives for the better by growing your business.

We don’t believe that’s right. So we decided to create a program for you that blends business mentoring with mindfulness coaching.

Timi Orosz

Spiritual business mentor

Bringing you authentic business mentoring with her multi-industry & international knowledge, Chief Executive Officer and Director experience in Business Management and Marketing. During her 15 years of professional experience, she worked across 4 countries and 6 industries. 

She’s on a mission to arm you with essential marketing & business knowledge to help you scale your soulful business and make a bigger impact in our world.

Peter Joseph

Mindfulness & Vitality Coach

Bringing you his mindfulness and vitality coaching, utilizing his sports background, team leadership, 500 hours of yoga certification and his degree in Psychology with an emphasis on Mindfulness.

He armed himself with mindfulness after tournament anxiety led him to a full-on burnout. He’s now determined to help you avoid a burnout while achieving your goals.

What does the Empowered Entrepreneur Program Include?

Scale Your Coaching Practice 12 week Layout

What else will you get?

Exercises in between sessions

Access to a resource library

Video vault of mindful scaling

Ready to use templates and checklists

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this program for?

This program is for coaches, healers, fitness professionals, consultants, and mentors that are trying to help others but are having a hard time increasing their reach.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! We believe in being authentic and transparent about what we do and what you’ll get. You can split the investment into 3 monthly installments of $1400.

We also offer a financial reward of $450 when you commit to your development in one go.

Can I still join if I don’t have an established coaching/healing practice?

It is suggested you already have an established practice before you join this program so you can truly scale your coaching, healing, consulting, mentoring passion.

How does this coaching program prevent burnout?

The top reasons for feeling overwhelmed when scaling a business are: lack of clarity, decision paralysis and confusion about what to focus on. All these are having a negative impact on your nervous system and your overall mindset.

In this program, you will have an even blend of knowledge-based and application-based sessions to help you implement the theory and techniques taught without burning out.

With alternating sessions, we’ll ensure that you will not get overwhelmed by what you’re learning. Business & marketing essentials in one week and mindfulness methods and tools in the other week.

We built the flow of the curriculum in a way that they not only complement each other but they’ll help you strengthen what you learned the previous week.

When and where are the sessions held?

No matter where you’re located, you can join us live over Zoom calls every Wednesday at 12 p.m. EST, 9 a.m. PST,  11 a.m. CST, and 6 p.m. in the UK.

The first session is held on a Tuesday to kick things off for you. 


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Prevent Burn Out NowTry these 3 Tips Now

Burn Out is not a fun feeling and saps our energy and vitality levels quickly. If you have more than 2 checked off in the above checklist you most likely are burnt out. Download the 3 Tips to Prevent Burnout Sheet (Click the Button Below).  If you want a more in depth approach to ensure your success and you are a healer/coach/entrepreneur, feel free to take some time fill out this survey to set up your complimentary discovery call to see if my group coaching program is the right fit for you. 

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